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My husband is from Nigeria and he felt like he was home. The food is authentic and so delicious. The owner/hostess is very personable. It's like going to your mom's house and having her cook your favorite dish!

Shevonn A.,
Tampa, FL

I am soooo happy I found this place. The vegetable soup was GREAT, and the ladies were so friendly and patient with teaching me the menu! I am learning more about my African heritage and food and they took time to explain the menu and items to me. We WILL be back!

L. Okonkwo,

The Peoples Club of Nigeria International Cake designed by Asher Amens African Cafe is still the talk of the town from our Nigeria and US guests.

Maria F.,

This is a lovely little authentic cafe, with big flavor! Yesterday was my first visit, the food was delicious! A taste of home if your missing Africa, and definitely a taste of culture if you're just looking for something different! The owner is a very sweet woman, and her staff was courteous and kind! I would definitely recommend and don't forget desert! :)

Velanica E.,
Tampa, Florida

The owner is very personable, she's an amazing cook and I'm sure her food is as authentic as you would ever be able to taste outside of Africa. Don't confuse with nebraska/ us 41 location....You'd be missing out !!!

Eduardo F.,
Tampa, Florida

The jollof rice with meat is super delicious, the chef is very talented, highly recommend if you're looking to eat authentic Nigerian cuisine.

Jonathan E.,

I was ecstatic to find a restaurant serving West African food here in Tampa. This has been the best I've had in the United States. Friendly service, amazing food!

Amy Grace.,
Tampa, Florida

I feel at home at Asher Amens African Cafe.

Balo Balogun.,
Tampa Bay, Florida

Always feel welcomed probably the best African dish you find in Tampa bay.